The financial industry has changed. Financial firms and small banks can significantly increase the size of their business and the value of their products at the time of sale by adding high-value niche practices to their portfolio of services offered.  Whether your institution is marketing retirement services products, investment vehicles, mortgages, business loans, or even savings accounts, there is opportunity to better serve your clients, and offer them higher priced products at premium.

Applying the Micro-Niche Method to any B2C sales model will quickly allow you to strategically determine where to focus your sales efforts, what products to offer, and what price to charge. And the best news is that once the business development strategies have been decided upon, the marketing drives itself.

If you’re interested in hearing how your firm can adopt the Micro-Niche Method and start focusing on your most profitable accounts, please contact us for more information. We can show you how to pick the right areas to focus on, what financial products to offer in those areas, and how to get premium pricing for those products.