CPAs understand numbers. Do you know what’s happening to your numbers? How are your quarterly revenues? Are your billable hours up or down? What about your revenue per billable hour? Are you spending half you time scrambling for new clients, or are they coming to you?

Are you a commodity or an expert?  How do people treat you (professionally speaking)?

  1. Do your clients pressure you about your fees?
  2. Are you spending huge amounts of time writing proposals in response to RFPs?
  3. Do you feel there is a dark cloud above you every day because you are afraid your clients will leave?
  4. Do you think your marketing efforts are ineffective?
  5. Do you have quid pro quo referral agreements?
  6. Do you feel your networking efforts have become a waste of time?
  7. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are a commodity!

So stop being a commodity!

Learn to stand apart as an expert. Build a micro-niche that places you outside direct competition, justifies premium pricing, sets the stage for centers of influence to send new clients to you – not for a referral in exchange –because you are the expert and you can help the client. Spend your time with the right people and build your visibility within the profession, in a target industry and with the right clients.

Every accountant and every accounting firm has a niche, or two or three. The problem is that all of the CPA firms have essentially the same niches. The way you can stand apart from the crowd is to establish yourself for your expertise in a micro-niche market.

Sure, it’s counter-intuitive to think about a smaller specialty area. Nevertheless, a true micro-niche makes you unique because of your expertise in that more narrowly defined area.

The Micro-Niche Method is your roadmap from commodity status to recognition as a valued expert who offers highly desirable services at premium prices. If you are ready to make this change in your professional life, buy the book and start reading.