Many practitioners across the wide spectrum of professional services are very good at what they do, but growing their practice remains a struggle. Often, the most difficult aspect of building a firm or maintaining a practice is the challenge of finding and gaining the business of the right kind of new clients.

Many professional service providers mistakenly believe that the best way to increase their revenue is by bringing new clients in the door.  Now, don’t mistake me, every practice needs a steady flow of new clients, but it’s not the only or always the best way to grow your practice.  We help our clients better serve their clients and increase revenue by discover ways to offer a finely-tuned suite of services to existing clients. We believe there are two main elements of expanding a better practice: building from the inside while building from the outside as well.

The Problem

Professional service providers are often hard-wired to look backward instead of looking forward- it’s the nature of their practice; it’s in their DNA. This is certainly often times true of accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, and forensic experts. The challenge as prefessionals in these services try and expand a practice, is in adopting a forward-looking mentality that focuses on what can happen to their clients in the future. Further, studies have shown that it is this exact mindset that their clients desire.

To that end, we providing coaching, training, support, and a knowledge that they can draw upon to more clearly understand:

  • Where their business is (within the marketplace)
  • The business and financial risks they face
  • How to develop the best products and services to offer existing clients
  • How to not waste efforts and money chasing the wrong kinds of clients
  • How to quickly qualify potential new clients
  • How to find and win the right new clients
  • How to assess the needs of their clients
  • How to respond to those needs
  • How to manage a growing business

We help our clients work from the inside out, and understand how their business actually works,  and then build a solid and thriving practice. Once professional service providers learn to assess their client needs, they can more efficiently meet those needs. Effectively managing this process results in:

  • Higher client satisfaction
  • Better profitability through more efficient management
  • Increased top line sales and growth
  • Higher selling point per client
  • A well-managed practice
  • A clear direction for your practice’s future
  • Improved client retention
  • Building a practice you can be proud of!

Our Company

We will help you come up with the strategy of internal growth before focusing on external growth.  We will help you understand why is is less costly to offer more-focused services and products to existing clients than to bring in a new client via a complete sales cycle.

We help our clients:

  • Increase client spend
  • Win the types of new clients that can pay a higher premium for your services
  • Not lose the clients they have and learn to protect the new clients you acquire

What We Do

  • We help successful practices accelerate growth
  • We listen actively to you to better understand your wants and needs, engaging with your goals and participating to achieve them
  • We provide strategic, growth management and business development advice and training to professional service providers and owners of companies
  • We offer an integrated approach to practice issues that combines insight, innovation, and a structured approach
  • Add software and analytics tools
  • Throughout the journey, we will be positive and supportive

Why You Need Us

We work closely with our clients to create powerful business solutions for your practice in areas where many professional services providers feel the least amount of confidence.

  • Are you satisfied with the growth of your practice?
  • Are you great at bringing in new clients?
  • Are you realizing the full potential of your existing business development strategies?
  • Are you maximizing revenue per client?
  • Are you maximizing the value you bring to each client?
  • If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need us!