Before you can get started working in your microniche, you’ll need to find one first.  There are different techniques you can use to evaluate niches for suitability, but one of the easiest seems like using niche finder software.  However, while niche finder software may seem like an easy shortcut, it comes with its own perils — buyer beware.


Ultimate Niche Finder by Clyde

Ultimate Niche Finder’s website touts their software as “the number one bulk keyword research tool.”  According to its website, Ultimate Niche Finder’s capabilities include keyword generation, an exact match domain finder, and SEO competition analysis, and the software can be purchased for approximately $50.  However, a perusal through the many reviews on reveals some strangely fishy comments, such as “This is absolutely the best costumer support i have ever get” [sic] and, “WoW! This tool is QUICK MAN!!!!!!!!!!”

Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder describes itself as a “Powerful New Software Tool Used To Uncover Hot Untapped Niche Markets that Have Been Completely Overlooked by the Masses.”  Micro Niche Finder is purportedly able to “Discover if a niche is a goldmin or a landfill in less than two seconds! You’ll save more time than ever and spend no effort in vain.”  As with Ultimate Niche Finder, something seems off here.  Perhaps we’re being cynical.

Niche Finder by Brad Callen

Niche Finder by Brad Callen seems strangely similar to Ultimate Niche Finder by Clyde.  In fact, both pages use the exact same phrase: “SUPER simple, yet powerful. Green means low competition, Yellow means moderate competition, & Red means stay away!”  Interestingly enough, one commenter on a Niche Finder forum says, “I have this tool from Brad and find it much better than Micro Niche Finder!”  Like Ultimate Niche Finder and Micro Niche Finder, Niche Finder by Brad seems dubiously devoid of an official website or reviews that don’t read like spam.


Niche Lich

According to the publisher’s description, “Niche Lich is a niche locator software product is to be released in 2011 by CleverStat.  Niche Lich helps you find most profitable niches or market segments not overwhelmed with fat, strong competitors yet.”  (Fat?)  Over at, they describe how their software works.  “The process looks as follows,” CleverStat begins.  “1. Basing on the initial information provided to the program, it finds the number and the power of existing competitors…”  Sounds useful.

Niche Cracker — finally, a succinct, trustworthy URL!  Well, maybe not.  If you attempt to visit, there’s a 50-50 chance of seeing actual content, or getting this pop-up: “Confirm Navigation: I HAVE SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL FOR YOU!”  Even if the content loads, on almost every single visit, it disappeared and gave way to the pop-up after just a few seconds.

KD Niche Finder

Yet again, there is no or .org to be found anywhere in cyberspace.  The publisher’s description says, “KD Niche Finder is a program that quickly uncovers hidden niche opportunities from Amazon Kindle publishing.”  Over at, visitors are bombarded with a blitz of huge, randomly bolded statistics and testimonials that seem… questionable at best.  One reads, “Several Affiliates Made 4 figures during our EPIC Product Launch!”  Another says, “our launches make JVs and Affiliates a LOT of cash!

Of six sampled types of niche finding software, it seems as though not a single one is actually going to serve you as a useful tool in your quest to find your niche.  (Again, perhaps we’re being cynical.)  Fortunately, we have some of our own bits of more practical advice on how to find a niche market.

If you would like to find out more about ways to improve your advertising and marketing, I invite you to contact me.  I have been helping professional service providers such as CPAs, attorneys, and financial services providers focus their business development efforts on profitable micro-niches for over 10 years.  Email me at

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