Marketing Your Legal Practice Niche (Part 2)

In the last post, we talked about some strategies to help you decide on your legal practice niche.  In this post we will focus on how marketing a niche can help you grow your practice.  Your practice inherently will have a knowledge and service base that can more easily be branded than a general practice.  Because a general practitioner will represent clients in a wide variety of practice areas, they must make and marketing broadly.  A niche practice can state the specific area of expertise and guarantee the knowledge in a particular field.

How can attorneys market their boutique practice?

Word of mouth from a supportive community is one effective form of niche marketing; find the industry that needs to be represented and become its champion.  Learn the language of the community.  From there, you should always be crafting and honing your message to personalize your practice to the group you are seeking to represen.  Listen to the needs of your niche market and respond accordingly.  Because, by definition, a niche market is a small concentration, your community is the building block for your practice.

Marketing a niche legal practice online

As far as online marketing is concerned, a niche practice is somewhat easier to marketing than a general practice.  Your optimization is built in.  Keywords and content topics won’t be varied and they will be able to build off of each other.  Your keyword density will more quickly reflect the focused group of interests your firm represents.  Take care to make your website’s FAQ, practice area, or resource page section as clear and issue-focused as possible so that potential clients can understand what it is you can truly offer.

Keeping an updated blog on your firm’s interests is also an excellent way to market within your niche.  Because your cases and research are all based on findings of a singular interest, it can quickly validate your expertise in your niche.  Also, practicing in a niche market, your practice has a better chance of becoming a well-heard online voice of expertise.

Don’t ignore the community

Your legal practice niche can also be marketed within the legal associations and educators.  The ABA has started raising standards within specialties; your niche should take advantage of the close-knit legal community while gaining all the credentials, as well as knowledge, available.  Referrals within your professional community and advertising/listing/publication within association documents are excellent marketing tactics.

Marketing your niche should begin by listening to needs of an underrepresented community within the niche and responding.  Develop an online voice that conveys your expertise.  Support within the legal community as well as continuing education in your specialty will also help your marketing credentials.

About the Author

David Wolfskehl is the author of Narrow Focus, Big Results (available from and is a frequent speaker on the topics of developing and marketing niches within the professional service industries.  To see how David can help you identify, develop, and market a niche within your industry, contact him today.

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