Could Mobile Be the Future of Niche Marketing?

The number of Americans who own smart phones and use them to search the internet is growing exponentially. At a time when internet sales competition could make the difference in your business’ success, it is highly recommended to act on the fact that mobile advertising is the future.

Smartphone users utilize their phones before, during and after purchasing a product. Your prospective customer expects your site to offer the same optimum viewing on their phone as on their PC, laptop or tablet.

They use the internet capabilities to research the product they are interested in buying. If your site carries the product and it isn’t set up for quick, clear mobile access, the prospective buyer is going to log onto another site. Interested consumers who log quickly off your site will damage your SEO, as well as your profitability.

Your site should be rejuvenated to be mobile optimized. Just because you can view your site on a smartphone does not mean it is performing at its mobile best. Viewing, searching and lay out have to be considered, as well as thumb room for scrolling and possible ‘app’ development options.

These optimizations will lead to more interaction with the prospective customers, who, if they enjoy your site, will visit again or recommend using a social media platform; social media attention will actually boost your SEO rating.

The infographic below from Dot Com Infoway highlights the finer points of “Responsive Web Design”. Responsive web design is a method of coding out a website in order to make sure the content is readable and formatted across multiple screen sizes without having a separate site created for your mobile visits.

While you may pay more upfront, the benefits of having a seamless transition of your “full website” to a mobile device is easily demonstrated below.

The infographic above is a great primer for responsive web design – something far too complicated for me to cover in this article.
Mobile advertising is a highly desirable and developed for as young as the market is. Push notifications, video, WAP and app display ads comprise a few of the methods mobile advertising can employ. The average smart phone user has their phone on them for 23 hours a day; every time they look at their phone is an opportunity for you to market your service or product.

As radio once was, mobile advertising represents the future of media development. 565 million iOS devices (MAC and Android) are in use. It took radio over 50 years to have the same following as an outlet for advertising that the smart phone industry exceeded in just two years. Smart phones are the future of marketing, advertising, information sharing and e-commerce. Web sites should be optimized for iOS viewing or they most likely will stop being viewed at all.

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