Business Development Through Blogging: How To Start Off Right

A blog can be more than the occasional opportunity for you to plug your business or services. If used effectively and efficiently, a blog can be an invaluable tool to help grow your business and get your name on a must-follow list. But a blog is only effective if people are reading it. So how do you start a blog that inspires others to tune into on a regular basis? The key is to start small.

If you can get a base following of just a few, and keep their attention, then you are on the right track to creating a successful blog. The writing needs to be good, the topics relevant, and the format easy to follow for your viewers to want to come back and hopefully get their friends to read as well.

Stick to Your Guns

Tips for writing a good blog include picking a topic and sticking to it. If the writing wanders off the beaten path too often viewers are likely to tune out. Once the topic is picked and the blog is written make sure to edit your work. Business blogs with typos and grammatical errors can detract from your hard earned credibility.

This is where it’s helpful to develop a niche marketing strategy – its simply impossible to stand out with the millions of bloggers all tapping away on their keywords.  Finding your focus (and making sure there is an audience) can make all this effort worth it.

Be Consistent

There are a few tips that can help you create and maintain the perfect blog. One such important tip is for your blog to have consistency. You need to be actively involved in the blog process, writing new information every few days. Allow your readers to process your thoughts, have time to respond, and anticipate your next posting. If readers know that you will be posting new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then they will tune in regularly to follow along.


Creating (and following) an editorial schedule is crucial if you want to remain consistent.

Creating (and following) an editorial schedule is crucial if you want to remain consistent.

A great blog is more than just your written word. It needs to be an active conversation with your participation in the discussion that your post generates. Answering every question or responding to all the comments might become impossible as your reader base grows, but making sure to take the time to answer a truly meaningful response or important question can make your readers feel that they are part of the process and a valuable element to the blog. Without your readers you might as well be writing for your eyes only.

Design is Key

Another sure fire way for your blog to succeed is to make your blog easy to navigate. A good design for your web page is important to the viewer. Readers do not want to search for ways to subscribe to your blog, or have trouble posting a comment. Having easy access to content, providing relevant links, and creating a page that is user friendly can make the difference between a viewer recommendation or a person clicking out before taking time to read your blog.

Social Media Promotion

Finally, utilizing social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can help get your information out to more than just your loyal followers. Visiting the sites your readers are following and contributing your own comments can lead to a greater awareness of who you are and what type of material you put out.

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. When posting on another site, responding to an e-mail, or handing out a business card, make sure the link to your blog is included in your contact information. The most valuable form of advertising is exposure to your name and what you can bring to the world of virtual conversations.

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