3 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Blogging

For niche marketers looking to build their brand and develop an online presence, the benefits of blogging are well documented. Regular updates on industry trends, news on your organization and more lighthearted pieces are a great way to connect with your customers.

But that doesn’t mean you have time to devote hours — or even minutes — every day to a blog that will only ever reach a portion of your audience.

The key is to focus your blogging efforts to maximize its impact while limiting the amount of time you have to spend crafting posts. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Set a realistic schedule — and stick to it

Blogging is far more effective if you stick to a schedule. (source)

Blogging is far more effective if you stick to a schedule. (source)

For many business leaders and niche marketers, blogging every day is unrealistic. Sure, you might start strong, but eventually you’ll start to run out of ideas or the drive to keep up such a rigorous schedule. The web is full of blogs that started with the highest ambitions — and haven’t been updated since 2011.

Decide how much time you can realistically devote to blogging, then develop a schedule. Incorporate your posts into your broader online marketing strategy.

2. Incorporate guest posts

Blogging on your webpage is a great way to drive traffic. Blogging on someone else’s site is often an even better way.

Guest blogging is a great way to expose your credentials and expertise to more potential customers. Find the leading websites in your market and pitch a topic their readers could benefit from. The link back to your site will increase your exposure, and identify you as an expert in your field.

Focusing on SEO is a good way to maximize the reach of your blog posts (source)

Focusing on SEO is a good way to maximize the reach of your blog posts (source)

3. Focus on SEO

Another way to bring new visitors to your blog is through SEO — search engine optimization. The higher you rank in Google results for specific keywords, the easier it is for readers — and potential customers — to find you.

To harness the power of SEO, start by coming up with search terms you think customers might use to find your business. Then come up with a post idea focused on that topic.

With a few minor tweaks to your writing, you can create a post that is optimized for SEO. There are a lot of ways to tailor your post to Google’s bots, but don’t lose focus on your ultimate goal — to create content that is interesting or helpful to readers you want to convert to customers.

If you would like to find out more about blogging to boost your niche I invite you to contact me. I have been helping professional service providers such as CPAs, attorneys, and financial services providers focus their business development efforts on profitable micro-niches for over 10 years. Email me at david@themicronichemethod.com.

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