Why SEO Offers One of the Best ROIs of any Marketing for Accountants

Like any other business, accountants should always be on the lookout for new and revolutionary ways to market their practice. And especially for ‘numbers folks’ like ourselves, it’s important that any effort spent on marketing provides a good return on the investment. If you haven’t considered it, SEO is one of the cheapest, effective, and easily tracked marketing options to add to your marketing mix. The web is a vital aspect of the way business are searched for and vetted today, and professional services and accounting firms are no different. Consider some of the benefits, and you will see why SEO can prove to be a solid investment.

It’s Relatively Inexpensive

Relative to other mass-marketing efforts such as advertising, search engine optimization is relatively inexpensive. Consultants or outsourced internet marketing companies can run anywhere in the range from $500-$1500/month, usually dependent on the agency, and how competitive your niche and geography is.

It’s Very Easily Tracked

With tools that can track entrance paths to your website, time spent on your site, and how many visitors visit your ‘contact us’ page, tracking web visitors is one of the easiest marketing initiatives to track. If you take the added measure of applying a call forwarding feature to specific blogs or landing pages within your site, you can even track exactly how many calls you get from your web marketing efforts. Further, it is generally a good practice to ask anyone without whom you have a previous relationship that calls your office where they heard about you.

Boost Appearance in the Search Engines

Proper SEO for your accounting practice will obviously do wonders for your ranking in the search engines. When potential clients are either searching for an accountant or vetting a referral that they were given, there’s a good chance that they are using search engines to find the information they need. Most of the time, those individuals are only going to look at the first page in Google or their favorite search engine. This means that, if your firm does not show up on the first page, you are going to miss an opportunity to get your name in front of that prospective client.

SEO ensures that you have a higher (or simply a ranking if you aren’t currently on the web) ranking. The term SEO covers more than just the content directly on your site, though. It also includes your social networks, and with professional SEO help, you will be able to optimize all of your online outlets to help boost your SEO page ranking and solidify your brand.

The Long-Term Effects on Your Marketing

While you have to keep up with your online footprint to remain on top of the Google’s search results, you will find that it does have a cumulative effect. The more quality SEO work you do for your company the better the results. It also helps to ensure that your firm has a positive reputation.

The one drawback is that SEO might not be something that you are going to be able to master on your own. Having assistance from the professionals can go a long way in making sure that you get the most out of your investment.  However, you might find that it is one of the most cost effective and easily tracked marketing initiatives that you can implement in your marketing arsenal.

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