Using White Papers  to Generate Leads for  Your Niche

Content Marketing Guidance for Professional Services Firms

A guest post from Alan Vitberg of VitbergLLC

If you’re the lead partner or a marketer tasked with growing the top line of  one  or more niches in your firm, you need to become familiar with the concept of content marketing.

At its core, content marketing is the art and science of converting the thought leadership of niche partners and subject matter experts into materials that can be published, promoted and shared. White papers  – a 1500 – 2000 words treatise providing niche-related guidance, observations and insights – are one of the strongest tools you can employ in the arsenal of  content marketing tactics.

You’re most likely very familiar with the practices and principles of content marketing if you’ve ever filled out a form online in order to get free information. You may have struggled with giving out your contact info, but in the end, you did so because  the information being offered was so good and desirable that you went ahead and filled out the form.

For niche marketing, white papers work! Take a look at this recent data from  Marketing Profs. Nearly 2 out of 3 marketers use white papers, and they report that  “on average, B2B content marketers are spending 33% of their marketing budgets on content marketing, up from 26% last year; also, 54% plan to increase content marketing spending next year.












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Here are 6 steps to consider when promoting your niche, generating site traffic, leads and new business using whitepapers:

  1. Put the right infrastructure and marketing technology in place, like HubSpot. HubSpot is software that gives the capability to create Call to Action buttons, landing pages and forms, fulfillment options, drip nurturing campaigns, and best of all, metrics on conversion rates.
  2. Pick a hot topic or issue related to the niche – trends, regulatory change, shared pain, etc.
  3. Produce  1500 to 2000 words on that topic with a focus on facts and your
  4. Title your white paper in a way that makes it a “must read” for the niche’s audience
  5. Produce a well written, visually appealing  landing pages that describe your whitepaper and its benefits
  6. Announce and promote the availability of your white paper both on and off your website.

When someone fills out the form to request the whitepaper, you get a lead and in effect, you’re filling the top of your sales funnel with prospects that want to see or hear what you have to say. That’s the key to building a relationship upon a foundation of thought leadership that leads to new business opportunities.

About the Author:

VitbergLLC helps CPA, consulting, and other professional services firms get more leads and new business through inbound marketing strategies, tactics and technologies. Contact them here, or call them at 585 425 2552 to discuss how your firm can capitalize on the transformations occurring in professional services marketing.

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