Your accounting may be investing some time and energy into maintaining a blog.  While it might seem like a daunting  task to maintain and the buzz may start off slow, blogs are quickly becoming one of the staples of a concise internet marketing campaign.

Below are some of the top accounting blogs I’ve come across along with a quick summary of their keys to success.

1. Don’t Mess with Taxes

Catchy title aside, Texan Kay Bell’s journalistic voice, alongside with her deep understanding of tax issues, make this blog enjoyable and informative for every reader.

Bell exercises the freedom to discuss all issues tax related including Dolce and Gabbana’s tax evasion alongside information about the Zero Gain Tax Rate. Also, her posts are extremely frequent, and oftentimes entertaining, which encourages her reader base to click back daily.



2. The Fraud Files Blog

Tracy Coenen is an expert in forensic accounting and has been fraud examiner in accounting and investigations for nearly two decades.

Audiences are drawn in by the implied scandals and stay for the excellence in tax information insight. Fun pictures lighten the mood and help levy relevant tax advice.



3. It’s Taxing

Written by Bond Beebe Accountants & Advisors, this blog utilizes the voices and implied interests of the firm itself.

Potential clients of the firm get a humanizing photographs and opinions of its employees and receive the benefit of knowing the staff is full of intelligent, involved professionals.



4. Social CPAs

This website contains a list of blogs that focus on helping accountants and their firms learn how to use social media. This website is a CPA community focused on growth and information sharing.

Social CPAs seeks to include everyone in the field to garner a cohesive climate of the tax field itself. Thoughts on issues can be shared between firms and also clients can use this blog database to help find the CPA who is right for them.


Starting a blog without getting burnt out is not an easy task.  Just remember – when results are slow to arrive, an effective blogging strategy is one that accounts for the long haul.  You’ll have days when posts come easily and other days when your practice takes precedence, but when it comes to writing, but the important thing is to stick with it.

These four accounting blogs should give you an idea of the style and tone that may inspire you in your own writing.

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