Micro-Niche: How Specializing Your Practice Can Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

What type of accounting does your firm handle? While it might seem to be beneficial to handle all different types of accounting because you can cater to a larger group of people, you may actually find that specializing can offer more stability.

One of the things that you will want to do when you are determining your microniche is find out how many other accounting firms in your area specialize in that same field. If you are competing against dozens of other accountants, then you might want to reevaluate the niche and choose something where there is less competition. Doing so will result in an easier time when it comes to your marketing. You will be able to focus like a laser and you will not have to worry about as many other firms stepping in and taking your clients.

When you have a niche practice, you will find that marketing is actually going to be easier. If you cater your services toward a smaller area of specialty, it gives you a chance to become an expert in that area. If you have 50 businesses in your area that are in that niche, whatever it might be, you have a better shot of getting the business of those 50 companies than you would if you were a generalist accountant. Showing the companies that you know and understand the type of business that they have will make it easier for them to trust you.

Having specialty areas is going to help to set you apart from the other accountants working in your locale, and it will separate you on the web too. Your online marketing should focus on your microniche, just as your traditional marketing does. You will be able to work with clients in areas other than just your own town. When you have a niche that proves to have quite a few companies in need of an accountant, you can do quite well! With quality service and fair prices, you could gather more than enough clients, even though you are working in a niche area.

Make sure that you know what the companies in your niche need when it comes to accounting. When you start to gain clients in the field, ask them what they are looking for. Talk with the clients and use that information to tailor your practice to their needs. This will help you to keep those clients, and it will give you information that you can use when you are gathering other clients.

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