Marketing Your Accounting Practice: Should you Focus Nationally or Regionally?

When you are trying to market your accounting practice, one of the questions need to know is where the focus is going to be. Are you going to try your hand at a national campaign and market to the entire country, or are you going to focus on the people and businesses in your region? Although you might believe that focusing nationally would be easier because you have a much larger potential client base, the marketing is going to be quite difficult. Often, the largest accounting firms have the ability and resources to market on the national scene. For those who are starting out with an accounting firm now, or even a firm that’s been around for years, regional focus is often going to be a better option.

Local Internet Marketing is Easier

When you are competing with all of the other accountants in the nation, you will find that it is hard to be heard above the thrum of every other accounting firm. However, when you start to focus regionally, you will have an easier time getting to the top of the search engines. Consider just how many results come up each time in the word accountants into Google. You have more than 21 million results. By focusing on your region, your town, and your niche with your SEO work, you will find that you have a much easier time of standing out from the competition.

Connect with People in the Community

When you want to gain clients that you will have for years to come, you are going to want to meet with them face to face. Focusing on regional marketing is going to be a way that you can do that. Becoming a part of the community, part of the local Chamber of Commerce, and connecting with people is going to make it easier to get business. Local marketing can be effective.

Becoming a part of the community and gaining the trust of your neighbors is important for the grass roots efforts of a business. When you have a good reputation in the community, you can expect to have clients that stick with you time and again.

Is it possible to try to market nationally? It is, but it is going to cost more time and more money. Many accounting firms today focus on their immediate areas and strive to provide the best service possible.

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