Marketing for Lawyers: Marketing a Niche Legal Practice Based on Experience

The following is a guest post written by Darwin Overson, a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney

The tactics of promoting a niche focus are demonstrating knowledge of the subject, self-confidence, and experience in a business development or marketing situation.  Utilizing these qualities will help you understand your business goals and give you the definition to set a plan into action to realize them.

Before we touch on the marketing, you might be wondering how one would go about selecting the right niche.  In the broadest sense, it comes down to experience, sustainability, and profitability.  I have previously outlined some of the strategies involved in selecting your niche,  here, and here.

Marketing your niche

Set goals, both short and long term, that are marketing related.  It could mean update your website to clearly feature your niche, developing a system for following up with new clients, or making arrangements to speak for different groups affiliated with your niche.  These marketing goals will provide awareness of your branding, as well as send the message you’d like your clients to receive:  experience, confidence, and authority.

Make sure everyone knows what you do

Make a memorable impact when meeting new people.  Eye contact and handshake are vital, but funny or dour is up to you; act how you feel best represents the service you can provide.  Make sure that you are delivering a message that sets you apart, the prospect can understand what you do and how you bring value to clients.  There is an old adage that your barber should know what you do and why you’re the best at it.  The thought being that while your barber probably won’t ever hire you, he speaks to 20 people a day every day, and may know someone who can.  Apply this same mode of thinking to your everyday practices.

Deliver quality service and stress the benefit of having a specialist

Never let anything stand in the way of delivering quality service.  A happy client will refer you or contact you in the future.  Invest in the ‘now’ (meaning current clients) for future returns.  Send follow up information, personalized notes, or a drip marketing strategy that is constantly re-stressing your authority on a subject.

Niche does not mean isolated

Meetings and industry gatherings are an excellent way to use outside information to influence your niche market.  Business and legal issues are often never as cut and dry or as isolated as articles or news stories make them appear.  A new case in one field might influence your niche or provide a new niche-related opportunity.  Keep communicating with your peers.  The experience and expertise of those in your firm and other firms might be the key to your case.

Don’t eliminate people from your list of potential clients

People will believe what you say if it is authentic – if you have confidence in yourself, your clients will, in return, have confidence in you.  When you practice in a niche based on experience, you inherently have a leg up on your competition and an in-depth understanding of your field that cannot be matched.  Developing and crafting the careful message of your marketing tools will ensure you have your name and expertise out there, with touches, follow up, and content to reinforce your authority.  This makes it easier for referrals to match your expertise, be more frequent and stronger.  Educate your referral sources on how your practice can be applied to non-apparent industries or legal needs.  It is your responsibility to educate your referral sources on who is good fit for you and how you bring value to them.  Don’t consider anyone you meet outside of your niche; treat everyone like a potential client until you know their needs.

About David Wolfskehl

David Wolfskehl has been an entrepreneur throughout his adult life and now coaches professional services providers and fellow entrepreneurs in the best methods to grow their practices.

The Micro-Niche Method is a process that brings business development success to professional services firms.  If you feel like a commodity – have fee pressure or have trouble growing — contact David today – The Micro-Niche Method is your solution.

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