Business Development for Accountants: 3 Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Increase Your Referrals

Growing and developing your accounting firm is not always easy. While it would be nice to be able to focus solely on your specialty, you also have to realize that this is a business, and you need to take steps for increase the number of referrals that you have. The only way you can stay in business and grow your business is to find those referrals and turn them into clients. The following are three easy things that you can add to your daily routine to help you get more referrals.

Visit Social Media Sites

You probably have social media sites set up for your business. If you let those pages remain static or die, you won’t get any value out of them. You have to make sure that you are posting to the sites with regularity, otherwise followers will forget about you. However, you never want to be a spammer on those sites. Do not promote constantly and beg for referrals. This comes across as desperate and unprofessional. Instead, engage those who are following your page. Provide them with good content and links, and be social with them on the site. After all, it is a social network.

When you have good and interesting content, chances are that they will repost it. This will give you new referrals. As long you’re your social media guides them to your site and shows them your services, then you can start seeing more followers, which can then become referrals.

Blog for Referrals

As with the social media content, the content that you have on your blog is going to be very important. Good keyword usage can be important, but fresh and high quality content is even better. This helps your search engine rankings so more people will find you when they are searching for an accountant. Add social media icons to the blog posts and your readers can share with their social media network easily.

Going Old School

You can always try the old school methods of getting referrals. Even in this day of advanced technology, the old methods can be quite effective. Ask for referrals from your current clients. Just a simple reminder in an email can work. Tell them that you were thinking of them and hoping that they are doing well. Close the friendly email with a reminder that they can refer their friends. You could even provide them with a discount on services for any referral that comes your way thanks to them.

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