Every CPA I talk with tells me he or she knows his or her clients. As the conversation evolves, however, it becomes clear that they do not know anything about the inner workings of their clients’ businesses or about the specific challenges the businesses are facing. Most CPAs know only a little bit about many of the industries in which their clients do business (or they know something about two or three industries). And because they do not work with their clients based on this knowledge, they have no opportunity to
demonstrate their problem-solving abilities. 

We live in the age of specialization. People are far less interested in your claims about the quality or the accuracy of your work. You are a CPA, after all – they expect that much! Clients today are also focused on your advice only because it is based on an intimate knowledge of their business and their industry.

If you are considering a micro-niche, you must begin with a strategy for gaining the necessary knowledge of the clients business and industry. You must learn about your clients by talking with them openly about their needs, their values and about their business challenges or problems.

Never assume you know everything you actually need to know about your clients. The only way you truly know is through engagement. You can use multiple approaches to learn about your client’s business and industry – surveys, polls, research and face-to-face conversation. As you learn, you will build a deeper and more loyal relationship with your clients and you will discover the optimal marketing strategies to gain the attention of prospects.

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