People often build around things, incorporating them into the design of a house or building because they do not want to destroy something (a tree, for instance). There is a great deal of intentionality and effort in doing this.

CPAs and other professional services providers can also, with great intentionality, decide to build a portion of their business around something they do particularly well or at
which they are considered the expert. They also do some work for their clients requiring an additional level of experience, knowledge or skill. This work merits premium pricing.

When I speak with professionals about building a micro-niche, the first objection I hear from them is, “But I have no idea what to build a micro-niche around.” My response to the objection is always the same, “Build around what you do best, around an area about which you have expert knowledge or around what you most enjoy doing.

If you can build a house around a tree or a stream or anything else, you can build a professional practice around a service micro-niche. Just find the one that makes the best
sense for you and for your highest paying and most profitable clients.

If you are building a micro-niche practice, please tell us about your experience. We would like to know how you define the area of your practice and how you applied premium pricing.


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