A Guest Post by Alan Vitberg, Owner of VitbergLLC

Once your CPA, consulting or law firm has done the necessary analysis and strategic planning, and has determined that a micro-niche approach for growing the top line can be an effective strategy, the hard work of going to market begins.

It’s likely that the combination of a limited budget and billable hour pressure will have a significant impact on your micro-niche’s marketing strategy and tactics. As I wrote in a recent blog post, getting traction for launching and sustaining a niche practice is often a hit or miss proposition for many firms.

While there are many different types of marketing strategies and tactics, one of the most powerful ways to build a micro-niche practice is through internet marketing and employing an inbound marketing approach to create awareness, firm differentiation, and for purposes of generating leads.

Inbound marketing is a new approach to micro-niche business development. It’s based upon firms implanting strategies and tactics for:

(1) “getting found first” by potential customers who are searching for solutions to their needs or problems,

(2) converting those who have found the firm into a new engagement,

(3) transforming traditional  outbound activities for more inbound traffic, and

(4) continually monitoring and measuring results to refine tactics in order to
deliver more ROI.

At its core, rather than interrupting people to get their attention with emails, cold calls, snail mail and the like, inbound marketing relies on the principle that visitors will find and come to you if you have the right mix of online presence, thought leadership, infrastructure, tools and discipline in place.

Inbound marketing involves creating and executing strategies and tactics to dramatically accelerate the on-line presence and credibility of your micro niche so that prospects seeking solutions find your firm. Benefits of inbound marketing include:

  • Dramatic increases in lead generation
  • New and powerful ways to create brand awareness
  • Provides a means to build upon thought leadership of subject matter experts in the micro-niche
  • Creates new ways to initiate valuable customer relationships
  • Offers fresh opportunities to establish credibility for the micro-niche, and build trustworthy reputations.
  • Designed for acceleration and improvement in  search engine rankings
  • Makes unbillable time for new micro-niche business development more productive and effective
  • Ability to significantly improve the firm’s ability to pinpoint ROI and accountability

If your firm is approaching the build of a micro-niche in a serious way, then investigating what inbound marketing can do for you makes sense. It’s not a “set it and forget it” strategy, but it will help your firm realize a superior ROI from its investment in a micro-niche strategy.


Note from David: If you want learn more about VitbergLLC and the services they offer, click here. I also suggest that you download a copy of their excellent free whitepaper, “The Partner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing”.


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