A touch point is a point of contact or communication between you and your clients and prospects. Every touch point creates a perception of you (or your business) in the mind of the client or prospective client. The perception created in each interaction with the client contributes to the client’s impression of you or your business.

Creating a positive impression with your client requires consistent positive perceptions at every touch point throughout your relationship. Creating meaningful client touch points is a multi-step process:

1. Clarify the message you want to communicate and the impression you want to build with the client. What is the message? “I value my clients?” or “I just want your money?” Do you want to say, “I understand the needs and pains of my clients; I can help you with those needs in a way that removes pains”?  What impression do you want to build? “I understand you and I can help you?” or “Because I am an expert, I am uniquely qualified to help you with your issue. I know you are unique, and you will be treated well.”

2. Identify the most important touch points with your client. When do you or your company communicate with your client? Which of those communications are most important to the client?

3. Match your communication goals with each touch point. What do you need to communicate to the client each time there is communication from you or your business?

4. Map the touch points and your communication goals. Plan the specific messages and communication styles for each touch point.

5. Have a process for feedback and adjustment to the plan.

The goal of mapping and planning touch points with clients and prospects is to optimize every opportunity to build the client’s confidence and satisfaction.

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