My mind is still on the lack of differentiation between accounting firms. Here is another example I believe you will find in most U.S. cities.

Let’s assume that I own a very successful business. My company produces and distributes American made (from American raw materials) products and toys for children. I have been located in part of the country with very definite (and sometimes dangerous) weather patterns. I have decided to move to your city. Because I have been very successful and I want to give back, I will locate my business in a disadvantaged part of the city and I will hire entirely or predominantly community residents from the area and I will train them for jobs with my company. As I prepare to move, I need to find an accountant in your city.

I’d like to ask for your help with some research again. Please choose the top ten to fifteen accounting firms in your city (or town) and look at the services they offer. What I’d like to know is:

  1. How many did you find that you think are a perfect fit for my needs? (Please tell me how many you reviewed, as well.)
  2. Did you find an accounting firm with an appropriate micro-niche (or niche) for my business needs?

Please post your findings as a response below.


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