Chances are good that somewhere in your book of business there are clients you would love to fire. Yet despite your frustration, you simply cannot bring yourself to do it. Maybe you are thinking

  •  S/he really needs my help.
  • His business is in trouble. He can’t afford to pay on time.
  • I need all of my clients to earn a profit.
  • He’s been a client of the firm longer than I’ve been here.

Regardless of the rationalization, you likely have some clients who are more of a drain than a benefit. If they are a drain on your time and energy, you can be sure they are a drain on your profitability.

Whether the client is slow to pay, demanding, irritable, an inherited client or just unpleasant, you might need to fire the client. Don’t do it when your frustration is overwhelming or when you are exhausted. If you need to fire a client to safeguard or improve your profitability, do it.

Don’t fire everyone, but fire the ones that are the biggest drain on your resources and the firm’s resources. You will probably be very pleased when you discover that firing them makes your practice more profitable!

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