I was leaving a networking event recently, at the very time a man named Ken Evans was walking into the event. He stopped, put down what he was carrying and introduced himself. He asked me if I had seen the expo in the building next door. I said no.

He said, I’d like you to come with me because there are two people you should meet. So, I went. He introduced me to two people who could help me grow my business. He did NO SELLING.

When I was ready to leave, I went to say thank-you and good-bye. He said, “Our organization helps our members. Now that you’ve seen what I can do for you, when you are not a member, think about what our organization can do for you if you become a member.” As he handed me an envelope, he said, “Here’s some information.”

Because Ken was friendly and showed interest in me, his organization went from not being on my radar screen to being an organization I will join next year. He did NO SELLING. He simply was friendly and showed an interest in me. He had no need to sell me anything. Instead, he showed me the value he could bring. Don’t sell; show value.

What are the values you can show your clients? Are they things like

  • Here is how you can pay for your child’s education without hardship.
  • This is what I can do to show you where your company is leaking cash.
  • Are you aware that you do not need to be so stressed out all the time about risks to your company? I can help you evaluate your risks and show you how to manage them.

Can you win without selling?

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  1. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

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