There was  once a time when CPAs had reason to expect to bring in new clients simply because they are pleasant to work with. There was also a time when CPAs could count on
fellow-alumna to become their clients. There was even a time when CPAs could be more competitive by providing services at the lowest price in town. If you still think these statements are true, your firm is no longer competitive. 

Today, these are the wrong criteria to use in your marketing if you expect to compete. People are looking for something very different from their CPAs. You need to be very good at what you do. But, you also need to know far more about your clients’ businesses than the average firm today. What is more, you need to know the industry in which they do business. They also want to know they are working with the very best person for the services and industry awareness for their business.

If you have been reading this blog, you already know that the Micro-Niche Method enables you to stand apart from the competition for the RIGHT REASONS. A micro-niche enables you to demonstrate your unique expertise, to demonstrate your knowledge of their industries and to demonstrate why you are the very best person for their needs, not only in your firm but in your entire vicinity.

The first step in building a micro-niche is to improve your knowledge and understanding of the businesses of your clients and the industries in which they do business. With this knowledge, you will present yourself in a competitive market as unique, not as the low-price firm but as the firm with the only expert with the knowledge, insight and experience to serve a specific group of clients.

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